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Over the last 20 years, IHI has:


  • Speeches & workshops given in at least 64 communities
  • Articles, reports and books published on inclusionary housing
  • Five National Inclusionary Housing Conferences in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • At least thirty panels and workshops conducted at other conferences

Feasibility/need studies

  • Ten comprehensive feasibility/need studies conducted for communities
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics annual wages for 500+ occupations analyzed in terms of housing affordability in eight communities
  • Actual payrolls of 25 employers covering 24,587 employees analyzed in terms of housing affordability in nine communities

Inclusionary housing campaigns and ordinances

  • Advised/participated in community campaigns for inclusionary housing in nine communities
  • Advised/participated in drafting of inclusionary housing ordinances in seven communities
  • Advised/participated in drafting implementing regulations for inclusionary housing ordinances in four communities

Administration of inclusionary housing programs

  • Administered 1st, 3rd and 10th largest inclusionary housing programs in USA

Interface with for-profit homebuilders

  • Interacted with national and regional homebuilders regarding construction of 17,025 units of inclusionary housing as integral components of developments including 130,000+ market-rate units

Direct construction of mixed-income development

  • Public agency serving as primary developer for 12 developments involving over 2,900 mixed income housing units

Financing inclusionary housing

  • Secured financing for 22 inclusionary projects involving over 5,000 mixedincome housing units
  • Secured financing for public housing authority to purchase over 2,000 inclusionary units for re-rent and re-sale to very low and extremely lowincome households

Mobility counseling

  • Conducted over 250 workshops for potential clients for housing in areas of opportunity
  • Conducted 760 tours of properties to over 6,000 NEDs in the ELAP program
  • Provided mobility counseling, credit repair advice, expungement advice, etc. for 2,300 clients
  • Placed 300 very low and extremely low-income clients in areas of opportunity
  • Placed 665 very low income non-elderly disabled clients in project-based housing
  • Placed 1279 very low income non-elderly disabled clients in tenant-based housing

Research and evaluation

  • Conducted six studies, including “He Who Pays the Piper: an Assessment of IZ Research”

Housing Policy IS School Policy

  • Conducted studies evaluation SES and academic performance in 21 states and metro areas¸ including six studies measuring inter-relationship of FARM and non-FARM students’ test scores
  • Mentored Heather Schwartz’s doctoral dissertation “Housing Policy Is School Policy,” the definitive research on impact of economic integration on low income student academic outcomes